{ meandering marketing thoughts }

By Craig Killick

Boring Marketing

Maybe I've been working in the beauty industry too long, but I'm finding B2B increasingly boring. Boring people talking about boring things in a boring way.

By Craig Killick

Noise is Not Marketing

Get on Twitter and tweet. Re-tweet. Like. Comment. Then go on LinkedIn – like, comment and share posts. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… Rinse and repeat. Got to keep the marketing [...]

By Craig Killick

The Google Delusion

If you think Google's on your side, you're an idiot. Stop pandering & start loving the message you create, not the platform that might deliver it on.

By Craig Killick

Stop. Someone stole my imagination.

Recently, I 've seen a few people 'hijack' adverts & company posts on LinkedIn & Facebook to promote their own business or criticise the company posting.

By Craig Killick

Fur Coat and No Knickers Websites

Once again, I find myself doing a web audit, having been asked to look at website, only to find that the whole damn thing has been robots'd out.

By Craig Killick

Only ’cause I like writing

I hate 99% of business blogs. They are boring, lack creative thought and are written like they're a chore. Welcome to the Rewind Digital Blog.

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