Mode 4 Website Strategy

Consolidation & focus to drive service and product sales.

{ “Just to let you know, we  sold an £8,500 desk after the first week.” }

Clarifying a sales proposition

Mode 4 had somewhat of a ‘service offering’ crisis. They know what they do, they just didn’t know how to package it to attract new clients. They also worried they might miss something out so put more rather than less.

Digital Strategy

Working with the company for a number of months, we established key niche areas of the offering that would feed sales enquiries online. This meant chopping and changing their web profiles around.

First, we simplified the service offering, then split the website in two.

One site is all about the hands-on service offering they have in relation to office design and build. This website also mentions some of the brands they work with.

We also create an e-commerce platform that allows them to promote the products, with people being able to buy online, or more likely make an enquiry.

Mode 4 online web design in Basingstoke
Mode 4 online website design in Basingstoke

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